Intellex is a full-cycle Russian supplier of language services offering a complete suite of outsourcing solutions worldwide with a special focus on interactions between Russia and Western Europe in the spheres of industry, economy, society and cultural exchange. Now Intellex is widely acknowledged as one of the most technically advanced companies in the Russian localisation services sector.
Intellex offers to its ever-growing pool of customers a full range of linguistic services. Our approach is project-based: each customer is sure to receive as much attention as possible, and our team has rich experience of managing technically demanding projects in a most efficient way providing immediate feedback and ensuring effective communication within the company divisions and with the customer.
All production processes within Intellex are based on a clear and most up-to-date industry-standard technology that has been carefully crafted and improved in line with customer demands and, also, in view of enhancing quality of the output. We are constantly trying to refine these procedures to ensure cost-efficiency of our effort and reduce timeframes for large and complex technical projects.

Intellex has been caring about your message since 2001 and helped several hundred companies around the world overcome language barriers to assist their business thriving and global development. If you wish to become a success story with Intellex, check the following:

Still have doubts? Do not worry, this is but natural given the high level of competition on the localisation market. We are willing to give you a chance to order a free trial of our services. Contact us now to learn more about this unique opportunity.

  • February 2014
In February, 2014 Intellex launches a nation-wide competition for searching lingustic talents. The concept has been already shaped and will soon be advertised in most social networks all around the Russian-speaking world.

  • December 2013
We are glad to inform our audience that Intellex is on its way to open a new European office: the superior management of the company finally approved the project of setting up a daughter office in Prague, Czech Republic!